National MOPH Commander's Christmas
and Hanukkah Greeting [18 December 2014]

Most of us well remember spending holidays away from home and family. The warm family traditions, the religious observances that strengthened us and the special moments with the family at Christmas and Hanukkah are things we cherished and missed. This has always been the special season of celebrating God's wonderful care, mercies and provision for us. Letters and "care packages" from caring strangers, as well a family, were always welcomed and it was encouraging to know that people were thinking of us, and wanted to brighten our holidays. They helped make our holidays away from home bearable, and some of us even discovered a deeper appreciation of faith and family during those times away from home.

Now, you are the ones giving time and efforts and donations to bring the same cheer to deployed troops - a message of hope and encouragement from home - because you know personally how important that is. Truly, this is the season for celebrations of God's great love, mercies and gifts to all of us!

For all of our Patriots and troops of the Jewish faith, may you rejoice as you light the eight candle of the menorah, with your special prayers and reciting God's miraculous deliverance of your ancestors from oppression. May this Feast of Lights be a time of great comfort and strength to you and your loved ones for the year ahead.

For all of our Patriots and troops of the Christian faith, may you have a very blessed and Merry Christmas as you gather to celebrate the miraculous birth of your Prince of Peace, and rejoice in God's faithful promises. May God bless your celebration and worship, and prosper you and your loved ones in the year ahead.

Yours in Patriotism,
J. Patrick Little
National Commander